About My Products

HANDMADE  with natural ingredients such as (but not limited to) beef tallow, olive oil, olive oil pomace, coconut oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocao butter, coffee butter, mango butter, beer, coffee, goat milk, goat milk powder, and castor oil. Skin safe fragrances, micas, preservatives, and essentials oils are also used. Please read your labels for specific ingredients.

Goat Milk- rich nutrients, gentle cleanser, fatty acids for softening and moisturizing, skin soothing properties

Activated Charcoal - absorbs excess oils, firmer skin and tighter pores, exfoliating and deep cleaning

Beer - gives a rich bubbly lather from the naturally occuring bubbles, while the hops in beer contains skin softening amino acids, and vitamins acting as an antibacterial agent, soothing inflamed and irritated skin 

Clay (Kaolin, French Green, Rose) - absorbs excess oils, silky smooth addition, draws out toxins and impurities and helps skin loving properties