About The Crazy Goat Lady

My husband and I moved to Wisconsin July 2022. I had sold my kiko meat goat herd in South Dakota and followed my husband to his amazing job opportunity here in the north woods.

Since moving I changed my direction of goat herding by starting a small herd of Nigerian Dwarfs.  The plan was to milk them for my products but oh what a difference a year can make and change those plans. Life gets busy and you find that the time needed for traveling to see grandbabies, or creating products takes a little more priority over the milking aspect and the goats have pretty much just become pure enjoyment and therapy. I have found over the year the properties in the products I create with using the powder form vs. the raw form of goats milk are pretty equal in comparison. 

Even though I have changed it up regarding the direction of my creativity, the quality behind my products increase the more experience I develop. This past year has been so much fun building my product line as well as friendships along the way. 

Why The Crazy Goat Lady? I blame my husband for this, as my goats became my passion since starting a herd back in 2017. Of course I named them, first mistake! Second mistake was getting attached. Ultimately the more my he called me the Crazy Goat Lady, the more it stuck.

My herd is way smaller these days, in more ways than one but the love for them remains the same. We are coming to a time in our lives where priorities change, traveling increases, and responsibilities redirect.... making a new path to accomodate such. 

Between my husband and I we have 7 children, and 6 grandchildren, whom are the apples of our eyes. We lived in South Dakota for 10 years (20 for me personally) prior to moving here. A dear friend told me to give it a year... and I am happy to say I love it here in Wisconsin. The trees, the vertical falling snow, the friendships we've made, and we cant forget the good Lord above us who made this all happen! 

I truly appreciate those who support and encourage me along the way, you make this new venture worth while, Thank You!